ONA14 kicks off a big milestone for ONA: our 15th year representing for digital journalism, back in the city where it all started.

To celebrate, we want to showcase what makes ONA so special — you. Our community of digital journalists has made ONA what it is: the fastest-growing network of journalism’s digital natives, veterans and pioneers that fosters collaboration, connects innovators and inspires you to create your best work.

Over the past 15 years, ONA has helped foster so many connections — a handshake at the conference turns into a new job, a 20-second pitch at a local meet-up leads to a new collaboration or tool, a fellowship opens doors for a young journalist starting out (or up).

We’d like to highlight these memories at this year’s conference, Sept. 25-27, as we kick off our 15th year.

  • What’s your favorite ONA memory?
  • What did you learn at an ONA event that changed your life?
  • What’s your first memory of ONA?
  • What have you picked up from the ONA community?