How to create your in-house interactive storytelling lab

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This session will be a global return on experience of my work at Racontr – an interactive storytelling software used by numerous media organizations – and Storycode – monthly conferences and hackathons dedicated to new forms of storytelling.

Several media such as the Guardian and the New York Times have set up their very own interactive storytelling lab where ideas are prototyped, field-tested and developed. But what happens when your organization does not have the same resources and means? Well, working closely with digital newsrooms and interactive content producers for several years, I developed this method to adopt in-house many tools and processes enabling news organization to create their own agile and cost-effective digital storytelling lab.

Based on a “hackathon mentality” – where ideas are developed collaboratively over a short period of time – and on the adoption of the newest and most effective tools available, this method aims at stimulating in-house collaboration creativity as well as building towards a more autonomous and skilled editorial staff.

I will present very detailed and practical step by step program that can be easily replicated and adapted by most digital newsroom as well as a preview of many tools that can help produce interactive pieces faster and cheaper.

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Media organization are now fully aware of the absolute necessary of innovation in forms of storytelling. Still most of them seem "stuck" being followers of the latest trend - the most obvious one being the avalanche of long-form interactives after the release of Snow Fall - or only making a few experiences a year because of inadequate production techniques that renders interactive storytelling too expensive and complicated to manage. This session will be proposing a resolute but precise and detailed shift in the way interactive things can be done. A solution for any news organization that want to be innovative on their own and not only following the trend. Plus, this return on experience will be based on international case studies from the UK, the US and France mostly, providing a wide range of insights.

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