Lessons From An NPR Project: How Local And National Can Work Together In New Ways

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As a national news organization with 268 member stations, we understand the challenges of a local-national collaboration. How can local stories get to a national audience? And how can a national organization find the most interesting local stories?

The NPR Local Stories Project is one way we’ve solved this problem.

The project is a digital network that leverages NPR’s reach to share compelling stories to targeted local communities. Over the course of two years, the project has grown from one station in one city to 33 stations in 29 cities. This session will show how we’ve made this local-national project a success using technology, training, community, metrics, social media and experimentation.

We will show what has worked and what hasn’t worked, and will provide key takeaways for others interested in creating a local-national collaboration.

We’ve shared other lessons from the Local Stories Project in two Nieman Lab pieces:
“What kinds of local stories drive engagement? The results of an NPR Facebook experiment”
“Why so serious? Maybe because data shows news stories can get shared just as often as lighter fare”

How does your submission contribute to the diversity of the conference?

The Local Stories Project includes stations of all sizes that are diverse in geography from Juneau to Washington, D.C. This panel includes representatives from both NPR and member stations.

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