Group Registration

ONA offers group discounts of $50 off each registration to organizations that register 10 or more people for the conference. To qualify, all registrants in the group must be employed at the same organization or attend the same college or university, if you are a student group.

Here’s the best way to coordinate your group names and discounts with ONA staff:

Assign a coordinator for your group to work with ONA. Your coordinator should ask each employee to check their ONA membership status, since members and non-members receive different rates. We encourage your non-members to join ONA to get the lowest rate. See registration prices.

To start the group registration process, complete the form below and an ONA staff member will email you shortly.

A complete list of names for group registration is due at the time of payment. ONA will accept registration transfers until Friday, Aug. 10, 2014. Unfortunately, we can’t accept a non-member substitution for a member registration, unless the non-member purchases an ONA membership first.

All group transactions must be taken via credit card over the phone. The $50 discount will be applied to the current fee at the time of registration. See Registration table here.

Standard cancellation and refund policies apply to all group registrations.

*OJA tickets can be purchased separately at the standard rate ($25).

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