Unscrambling Encryption Tools for Journalists

This session is sponsored by Unscrambling Encryption Tools for Journalists

In the wake of Snowden revelations, we've seen a renewed focus around the importance of encryption in the practice of journalism. However, it has become apparent that journalists have very little technical knowledge or grounding in the use of encryption technologies. With the increasing reliance on the use of digital tools to deliver quality journalism, this session/workshop will examine and explore the importance of encryption tools for journalists (i.e. SecureDrop, PGP, etc) and how to properly implement and use them. Note: capacity for this workshop is 100 participants and space may be limited.


Spencer Ackerman - US National Security Editor, The Guardian
@attackerman | http://www.theguardian.com

Trevor Timm - Executive Director, Freedom of the Press Foundation
@trevortimm | http://pressfreedomfoundation.org