Is It Stream Worthy? Demystifying the Why and How of Livestreaming

Once the exclusive purview of TV stations and large news organizations with major hardware budgets, livestreaming is now affordable to the smallest of shops. In this session, we'll delineate your hardware and software livestreaming options, from free smartphone apps to encoders/switchers that run north of $20,000. We'll walk you through the options and help you decide what's the right fit for your organization.

We'll also address livestreaming strategy. In Seinfeld, Elaine Benes asked this of potential boyfriends, "Is he sponge-worthy?" We'll ask a similar question of news events: are they stream-worthy? Just because you can afford to stream everything doesn't mean you should. We'll reveal how our newsrooms decide what's really worthy of our precious sponges... er, streams... and how those decisions impact our workflow, editorial content and partnerships.

Slides for this session can be found here.


Rodney Gibbs - CIO, The Texas Tribune
@rgibbs |

Phoebe Connelly - Senior Producer, The Washington Post
@phoebedoris |