Going Mobile: Best Practices for Staff and Students

This session is sponsored by Going Mobile: Best Practices for Staff and Students

Mobile design is only a small part of developing a mobile-first strategy. But once that strategy is in place, how do you implement it? At DePaul University and the University of Oregon, students are blending traditional storytelling and design frameworks with emerging technologies, including: location-based (and other sensor technologies), digital publishing platforms, and advanced audience analytics––with a focus on social sharing. Please note that the capacity for this session is 90 participants. Seating will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Resources for this session can be found here.


Mike Reilley - Online Journalism Instructor, DePaul University/The Red Line Project
@journtoolbox | http://www.redlineproject.org

Ed Madison - Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
@edmadison | http://edmadison.com

Mark Blaine - Journalism Director, University of Oregon
@marquisb | http://journalism.uoregon.edu