[NewU Start-Up Loft] The Path to Entrepreneurship

  • Thursday - 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Sheraton Ballroom IV
  • #unitynewu

This session is sponsored by [NewU Start-Up Loft] The Path to Entrepreneurship

24/7 isn’t just a cliché, it’s the life of the leader at a startup company. There are a lot of ideas out there, but how do you know if you are “the one” to bring that idea to life? And, do you have enough of an understanding of business practices to get going? Hear about the challenges and rewards of launching your own company. Please note that this session takes place in the Midway. This event takes place in the Bullring on the Midway.


Sumaya Kazi - CEO & Founder, Sumazi
@sumaya | http://www.Sumazi.com