Greg Linch

  • Local Data Projects Editor
  • The Washington Post, ONA Board Member

As a youngster, Greg Linch wanted to be a scientist and inventor. Then, as a teenager, he turned his eye toward writing and later reporting. Somewhere along the way those interests blended and he now works on data and technology projects for The Washington Post’s local desk. Using his knowledge of journalism and code, Linch collaborates with reporters, editors, designers and developers on a wide array of topics. Crime, transportation, education, government — you name it. His tools include everything from FOIAs and phones to Python and project management software.

Before joining the Post, Linch worked on two start-ups: Publish2, which offers software platforms for newsrooms, and CoPress, which worked with college media organizations to thrive digitally. He has served as an adjunct at Medill’s DC bureau and Georgetown University. Some of his other interests include science, art and karaoke.