Jennifer Brandel

  • Senior Producer, WBEZ's Curious City
  • WBEZ

Brandel is air traffic controller for all things curious. She produces the series sonically and administratively, occasionally seeing daylight while reporting for it, too. Prior to founding the Curious City series, Jennifer reported for WBEZ’s news desk and for national radio shows including All Things Considered, Day to Day, Weekend America, Latino USA and Interfaith Voices and has collected awards for that work. She’s served as an assistant producer for Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!, a blogger for Transom and the talent for pieces aired on WireTap, Love + Radio and How To Do Everything. Brandel has managed radio conferences and produced broadcasts for The Third Coast International Audio Festival. Her photos have appeared in The New York Times and Vice magazine. She dabbles in music video-making for Andrew Bird, petting dogs and pitching for the champion WBEZ 16-inch softball team.