Josephine Dorado

Dorado is a social entrepreneur and experience architect whose work focuses on innovation in hybrid online spaces. She integrates her background as a professor, producer, performing artist, and Pilates instructor to build embodied, transmedia experiences inspired by games and theater. Dorado is the President of Fulbright Association’s NY Chapter and a recipient of the MacArthur Foundation Award in Digital Media & Learning. She founded Kidz Connect, a virtual cultural exchange program that connects youth internationally through creative collaboration and theatrical performance in virtual worlds. Dorado currently teaches at The New School, is a strategist for Golightly House, and a producer for This Spartan Life, a talk show in the video game Halo. She specializes in the convergence of physical with digital, arts with technology, and games with calls to action. Her next venture is reACTor, a mobile news game that encourages activism around news stories that people care about.