Kelly McBride

  • Vice President for Academic Programs
  • Poynter

McBride is a writer, teacher and among the most cited experts on journalism ethics. She was a beat reporter for 15 years, covering crime and religion. Since joining Poynter, her work has included directing Poynter’s Sense-Making Project, a Ford Foundation initiative examining the transformation of journalism from a profession of a few to a civic obligation of many, the effects of technology on democracy, and the media habits of the millennial generation. McBride is co-editor of “The New Ethics of Journalism: Principles for the 21st Century,” which argues for a new set of ethical guidelines for journalists, communicators and students and includes chapters by 14 thought-leaders examining the challenges of building trust and ensuring credible media in service of community and democracy. She has degrees from the University of Missouri J-School and Gonzaga.