Mariana Santos

  • JSK Journalism Fellow / Director of Interactives
  • Stanford University / Fusion

A former ICFJ Knight fellow, Santos is a visual storyteller who started Chicas Poderosas as a movement to train, inspire and involve more women in technology in newsrooms, creating teams of artists, developers and journalists to improve interactive storytelling in Latin American media. This network has been enriching story development, execution and digital delivery of news. Santos was formerly interactive designer at The Guardian interactive team in London, having pioneered the newsroom’s use of motion graphics to make data stories more compelling. She began her career as a motion animator and post-production editor at Universal Music Berlin. Santos holds a degree in communication design and a master’s degree in digital media from Hyper Island, Stockholm. She is now leading the Fusion interactive team, which aims to introduce more art into news storytelling. This multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, illustrators and animators collaborate to deliver news stories at Fusion Digital.