Meredith Artley

  • Vice President & Managing Editor
  • CNN Digital

Artley is President of the ONA Board of Directors, as well as the managing editor and vice president of CNN Digital, where she oversees the editorial initiatives for, CNN Mobile and the CNN Wire. In her role, Artley leads a global team of 130 talented reporters, producers and editors to fuel one of the world’s top online destinations for news, views and video. Under her leadership, CNN Digital hosts some 70 million monthly visitors and has remained number one in mobile news and the most-followed news organization on social media. Artley joined CNN in 2009 and is based in Atlanta. Before joining CNN, Artley was a managing editor for The Los Angeles Times and the executive editor of Prior to that, she was based in Paris as the editor and digital development director for the International Herald Tribune. She is married and has a rambunctious 4 year old son.