Michel Martin

Martin can be heard across NPR news programs, bringing her reporting and interviewing experience to bear on NPR's coverage of education, families, faith, race and social issues. Outside the studio, she is hosting NPR Presents Michel Martin, an ambitious live event series in collaboration with Member Stations. Martin came to NPR in 2006 and launched Tell Me More, a daily NPR news and talk show that aired on NPR stations nationwide from 2007-2014 and dipped into thousands of conversations taking place in corridors of power, but also in houses of worship, barber shops/beauty shops, at PTA meetings, town halls and at kitchen tables. A Brooklyn, NY native, Martin graduated cum laude from Harvard University’s Radcliffe College and has done graduate work at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. She has spent more than 25 years as a journalist — first in print with major newspapers followed by television and radio.