Yasmine El Rafie

  • Editor for Social Media Development
  • Swedish Public radio (Sveriges Radio)

El Rafie works as social media development editor at Swedish public radio. She started out as a newspaper reporter and has since then worked as a reporter, editor and producer in press, broadcasting and digital. She fathomed the skill of navigating the infrastructure of social media as an alternative news source while freelancing from Egypt in 2007-2008. This later brought her to the department for Digital media at Swedish Public Radio, where FM, digital and social have been laid down as three equal pillars. In her current role, she gathers best practices from Swedish Radio’s hundreds of news rooms, works with journalistic social media training for broadcasting professionals and students, helps news rooms when asked for guidance and is now working on the second edition of Sweden’s first social media handbook for journalists (http://bit.ly/sr_handbook), which she co-authored. She is specially passionate about concistency in journalistic principals regardless of platform.