Sponsorship FAQ

Who do I contact about sponsorships, exhibit space or the Midway @ ONA14?

Please email Strategic Partnerships Manager Jessica Strelitz at jessica@journalists.org for more information.

How do I register people for the memberships and conference passes that are part of my ONA14 package?

Sponsors and exhibitors will receive private access to the online ONA14 Sponsor, Exhibitor and Midway Centers to register their memberships and ONA14 passes. The Centers will be active by May 2014.

What are the Exhibitor & Midway hours, set-up and tear-down times?

Exhibitor, Sponsor and Midway Hours: Thursday, Sept. 25: 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 26: 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27: 9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Set up:
Exhibitors: Wednesday, Sept. 24: noon -6 p.m.; Thursday, Sept. 25: 7 a.m. – 9 a.m.
Promenade Sponsors: Wednesday, Sept. 25, noon p.m.-6pm. Thursday, Sept. 25: 7 a.m. – 9 a.m.
Midway: Wednesday, Sept. 24: noon-6 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 25 – 7 a.m. – 9 a.m.

Tear down: Exhibitors, Sponsors and Midway participants can disassemble their spaces after 3 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 27, but you’re welcome to begin before that time.

What are the ship-to procedures, addresses and charges? FedEx Office, located inside the Sheraton’s lobby, serves as the Sheraton’s Business Center and Shipping and Receiving Depart. The Fed Ex Package Room (Shipping & Receiving Department) provides storage, pick-up and transfer of materials from any internal location within the hotel. All shipments received and shipped by the hotel incur a standard per-piece handling charge based on weight. Delivery of packages can be scheduled prior to your arrival. For details and questions, please call (312) 755-0314 or email usa5063@fedex.com.

Handling Fees: Fees applied are in addition to standard shipping rates. All handling fees can be applied to a guest room/ master account or billed to a credit card. Please call (312) 755-0314 or email usa5063@fedex.com for details and pricing.

Pre-event storage: The hotel can hold packages for up to five days before the conference for no charge. Fees apply to each package received more than five calendar days before delivery to recipient. Please call (312) 755-0314 or email usa5063@fedex.com for details and pricing.

Shipping Details: To ship materials for exhibitor/sponsor spaces, please use the following information in addition to the airbill: Chicago Sheraton Hotel & Towers (ONA14 – ARRIVAL DATE) Hold for Guest (Guest Name) (Guest Cell Number) (Guest Company Name) (Booth Number- if applicable) 301 East North Water Street (Meeting Room) Package ___ of ____ Chicago, IL 60611

Shipping for Individual Guests: Chicago Sheraton Hotel & Towers Hold for Guest (Guest Name) (Arrival Date) 301 East North Water Street (Guest Cell Number) Chicago, IL 60611

Please note:

  • Multiple packages within a single shipment should be numbered in sequence (e.g. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc); it may be helpful to make note of individual package contents so that careful records of all materials may be maintained and the sender alerted in the event of damage or non-receipt.
  • Heavy boxes should be identified so that staff (either yours or the hotel’s) can avoid injury while lifting them.
  • If there is more than one on-site delivery location, please label the boxes with their specific delivery destination (e.g. Office/Parlor A or Registration/Convention Registration Desk).
  • Freight must be shipped to drayage company GES, which will deliver boxes to the appropriate exhibit booth.
  • Exhibitors who ship items to the hotel will incur a shipping/ handling fee. It is the drayage company’s responsibility to arrange with FedEx directly on payment terms.
  • The Fed Ex Package Room staff is not allowed on the Exhibition Hall floor for either deliveries or pick-up services.
  • The hotel is not responsible for packing any materials. Any packaged materials left behind without shipping instructions will be discarded within three business days.
  • The Package Room is located on Level One (River Exhibition Hall Level) at the west end of the building.

In-Bound Shipping: Use the correct addressing option from the methods listed above to eliminate any package routing delays. All packages received by FedEx Office require a release signature before being released from the custody of FedEx Office. Release signatures are captured at the time of package pick-up from the FedEx Office Business Center or during delivery of package(s) to the recipient. In-bound receiving and applicable delivery fees will be applied to all packages. Fees applied are in addition to standard shipping rates. For the guest name field above, only use the individual who will be on site to sign for the package(s). Please do not address your packages to a hotel employee or Show Manager as this could cause the package to be delayed. Packages (excluding pallets/crates) will be available for pick-up at the FedEx Office Business Center.

Out-bound Shipping: To expedite the process for out-bound shipments, please affix a completed carrier airbill to each package. Boxes and FedEx shipping supplies are available through the on-site FedEx Office Business Center. Pickup of out-bound packages by all non-standard couriers (other than FedEx or UPS) must be coordinated with the on-site FedEx Office location. Out-bound Handling Fees will be applied to each package. Fees applied are in addition to standard shipping rates.

How do I ship materials for ONA14 Attendee Bags?

Please include the following information in the Sponsor, Midway and Exhibitor Centers if you are shipping materials for the bag inserts. If you are a Supporting Sponsor and will be including a bag drop, please email this information to Jessica Strelitz at jessica@journalists.org no later than Wednesday, Sept. 17.

  • # of boxes shipped
  • Tracking number
  • Point of origin (company/city)
  • How shipped
  • When boxes are to arrive
  • The size, weight and relative condition of the boxes

Please use the following mailing address exactly to ensure timely delivery of bag inserts: Chicago Sheraton Hotel & Towers Hold for Jessica Strelitz, Online News Association Sept. 21, 2014 301 East North Water Street Chicago, IL 60611 Materials must arrive no later than Monday, Sept. 22, and no EARLIER than Sept. 19, to be included in the attendee bags. Boxes that arrive earlier than Sept. 19 will be subject to a storage fee from the hotel. ONA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for these fees.

How do I order show services?

You may use your own drayage firm or the Sheraton’s recommended drayage company GES. Please contact Salma Juma at (312) 329-6822, (773) 457-2941 or via email at sjuma@ges.com.

How do I order computers, screens or other hardware?

You may use your preferred A/V company or the Sheraton’s in-house A/V firm PSAV. More details on PSAV.

Where will boxes and crates be stored during the conference?

TBD. Small boxes and materials can be kept under exhibit tables.

When will booths be assigned?

Booths are assigned based on sponsorship level and a first-come, first-served basis.  Contact jessica@journalists.org for assignments.

Is there a layout of the conference area so I can see where we are located in relation to the session rooms?

The Ballroom Level layout is available here. This is where Registration, Promenade Sponsorships, the Exhibitor Ballroom and the Midway will be located, along with keynote sessions, workshops and other events.

What is provided for exhibitors in the Exhibitor Ballroom space?

Each 8’x8’ exhibit space in the Ballroom will include:

  • 6’x30” table
  • 2 chairs
  • Waste basket

Pop-ups are allowed. Electric and hard-line Internet are NOT included, and must be ordered in advance if you need either service. Wi-Fi will be provided by ONA during the conference.

If you require electric, use this form to order it. Orders must be placed in advance of the conference. Deadline for ordering electric is Sept. 19.

If you require hard-line Internet, use this form to order it. Deadline for ordering hard-line Internet is Sept. 10.

Will there be Internet in the exhibit area?

Hard-line Internet is NOT included, and must be ordered in advance. Wi-Fi will be provided by ONA during the conference. Use this form to order hard-line Internet by Sept. 10.

How do I submit my logo and company description for the ONA14 newsletter or website or printed program guide (if part of your sponsorship)?

All sponsors and exhibitors will be listed on the conference website with a 60-word description of their company or services. All logos should be sent in EPS or Illustrator format so they can be scaled and used as needed. Logos and descriptions should be submitted via the online ONA14 Sponsor, Midway and Exhibitor Center, which will in May. If you have questions about the Centers, or have a Supporter package, please contact Jessica Strelitz at jessica@journalists.org. Deadline for logo to be included in the printed program is Aug. 10, 2014.

What are the specs and deadlines for logo and company description in the printed ONA14 program guide?

All logos must be entered in the Sponsor, Exhibit or Midway Center in EPS or Illustrator format so they can be scaled and used as needed. If you purchase a Supporter Package, logos and descriptions should be emailed to Jessica Strelitz at jessica@journalists.org no later than Aug. 10, 2014.

What are the details for ads in the ONA14 printed program?

Graphic design must be in PDF or EPS format. Ads can be color OR black-and-white. All ads can be added to the Sponsor, Exhibit or Midway Centers. If you purchase a Supporter Package, ads should be emailed to Jessica Strelitz at jessica@journalists.org no later than Aug. 10, 2014. The specifications for the ads are as follows (based on 7.5” X 8.5” page, no bleed):

  • Full-page ad: 6.5″ x 7.5″
  • Half-page (horizontal): 6.5″ x 3.625″
  • Quarter-page (vertical): 3.125″ x 3.625″

Pricing: Full-page ad: $2,500 Half-page ad: $2,000 Quarter-page ad: $1,500