Charting the Course for Use of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems in Newsgathering

News organizations and individual journalists eagerly anticipate safely utilizing Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for newsgathering purposes as lawmakers integrate sUAS into the National Air Space (NAS). For now these potential users may be flying over an “unchartered” regulatory landscape while the FAA struggles to complete its administrative rulemaking. In order to better understand how […]

Overhaul your coverage and connect with a diverse audience

America is bracing for a demographic overhaul. By 2060, the U.S. population is expected to be considerably older and more racially diverse than ever before. This shift will impact every facet of society, but the voices of these Americans are missing from everyday coverage. Experts from the private and public sector will share insights on […]

Literature, Art, Music, Poetry: How the analog humanities can help us think about digital journalism

What can journalists learn from computer science? Entrepreneurship? Game design? Social science? What’s the cutting edge? We’ve all seen those sessions. Let’s go in a different direction. Journalism has incorporated practices and methods from other fields throughout its history. Despite how fields are generally siloed, reality is much more interdisciplinary. The analog humanities offer many […]

Education Lab: Unfamiliar allies to sustain quality journalism

From the start, we knew Education Lab would prove both a distinctive journalistic project and a challenging organizational construct. The Seattle Times, which had reported expertly for years on the problems facing Washington state’s public education system, would produce a deeply reported year-long series focused explicitly on emerging solutions to those problems. It would connect […]

Do Journalists Dream of Electric Sheep?

From open journalism and distributed pro-am collaboration to realtime crisis mapping, ambient sensing and distribution, wearable computing, predictive journalism, news AI (artificial intelligence), big data and beyond, this session examines emergent technologies’ ground-level disruptive impact on practical newsgathering, how they are being used, and what lies ahead. Participants will leave with an understanding of seismic […]

The growing role of students in newsrooms

How can students be integrated into professional newsrooms in ways that draw upon their skills and energy while ensuring that the reporting remains well-focused and accurate? The panel will include a discussion of reporting tips, editing techniques and fact-checking systems. The voice of students would be a powerful component of this session, which also would […]

Tear down this wall! Using marketing data for content creation

The big data revolution has brought a renewed sense of importance to audience stats. Unique visitors, social followers and engaged time rules the day. But who the hell are these people and what are they doing here? This panel aims to explore the relationship between news consumption and purchasing behavior and discuss the value of […]