Climate Change and Design Thinking: A Targeted Approach to a Complex Issue

How well has your newsroom helped your local community understand and prepare for the risks of extreme weather and climate change? This half-day workshop will improve your coverage of these complex issues by listening to and engaging with your audience. You’ll get hands-on experience in how to use the tested methods of design thinking to more clearly understand your target audience. You’ll then learn how to smartly brainstorm product ideas, prototype them and then build the information products and services your community needs. You’ll leave with a step-by-step guide and set of best practices for running your own local design-thinking/climate workshops that will allow you to tap into the know-how and values of your community. Please note this session is limited to 100 participants and space may be limited. Participation will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

We have created a series of briefing sheets for this workshop, and recommend that you give them a quick read to help us make the best use of time. They include information on climate change and design thinking, a list of helpful resources and a climate change case study specific to Chicago.


A. Adam Glenn - Editor, Associate Professor, AdaptNY, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
@aadamglenn |

Reggie Murphy - Principal Consultant, Research & Strategy, Electronic Ink
@reggiemurphy |

Laura Cochran - User Experience Lead, Condé Nast
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